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#66 Freighters November-December 2022

The News is in!

In this issue:

  • CSL’s Nukumi honored at International Bulk Journal Awards
  • Mark W. Barker receives multiple awards
  • Coal power continues phase out, future of Great Lakes steel production comes to life
  • Lake Superior weather makes for impressive scenes
  • A new future for a historic trade route: The history of the Magdalen Islands salt run and the vessels that sailed it
  • In the Design: Managing an Aging Fleet
  • Featured Vessel: Frontenac
American Spirit is barely visible through the sea smoke on Lake Superior off Duluth, MN, December 8, 2022. Photo: David Schauer

#65 Freighters September-October 2022

The News is in!

#65 Freighters September-October 2022

Mark W. Barker christened in Cleveland

Verplank opens new Port Facility, American Integrity visits Muskegon

Great Lakes Cruise Report 2022

Roger Blough towed to Conneaut

Are forward accommodations rising back to the top of ship design trends?

In the Design: Versatile Ships, Diverse Cargoes

Featured Vessel: John G. Munson

#63 Freighters May-June 2022

The News is in!

#63 Freighters May-June 2022

The cruise ships are back!
Lee A. Tregurtha and Alpena celebrate 80 seasons
SS Badger begins 69th season
USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul commissioned at Duluth, MN
Putting on the finishing touches: Mark W. Barker nears completion
In the Design: the Pilothouse
Featured Vessel: Joseph H. Thompson / Laura L. VanEnkevort

In Memory of William “Mike” Lewis

Mike gifted me my first Know Your Ships book way back in 2013. That gift inspired me to start writing Shipwatcher News, and without it the newsletter would not have brought me and so many others on this incredible journey.  It is because of this that this issue of Freighters is dedicated in his memory.

~ Brendan Falkowski

#61 Freighters January-February 2022

The News is in!

#61 Freighters January-February 2022

Winter Work: Getting the fleet ready to go

Sam Laud last ship of the season at the Soo Locks

CSL’s Nukumi departs on maiden voyage to Canada

Proposal unveiled to build Naval Shipyard in Lorain, OH

Bringing the Challenger‘s pilothouse home

In the Design: Major Mechanical & Ancillary Systems Part I

Featured Vessel: John D. Leitch

#60 Freighters November-December 2021

The News is in!

#60 Freighters November-December 2021

From plans to floating steel: The Design and Construction of the Mark W. Barker

Interlake Logistics Solutions purchases former U.S. Army tugboat

Michigan Senate introduces bill package to support ports

MV St. Clair towed to the scrapyard

In the Design: Major Conversions & Rebuilds Part II

Featured Vessel: Kaye E. Barker

#59 Freighters September-October 2021

The News is in!

#59 Freighters September-October 2021

When steel meets water: Launching the Mark W. Barker

Retired Lakers Manistee and St. Clair to be scrapped at Port Colborne

Government takes steps closer to building an additional Great Lakes icebreaker

SS Badger heading to the shipyard

In the Design: Major Conversions & Rebuilds Part I

Featured Vessel: Commander / Caroline McKee

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