#53 Freighters September-October 2020

The News is in!

#53 Freighters September-October 2020

Welcoming the William Richard

ArcelorMittal sells U.S. assets to Cleveland-Cliffs in $1.4 billion deal

Barge Michigan Trader delivered to VanEnkevort Tug & Barge

Algoma Intrepid delivered to Algoma Central Corp.

Work progressing quickly on Interlake’s Mark W. Barker

In the Design: The leading end – a look at bow design on Great Lakes ships

Featured Vessel: American Integrity

Shipwatcher News: Caring for our Sailors

Announcing the Shipwatcher News Caring for our Sailors program! We are working to put together care packages for sailors on Great Lakes ships during the holiday season. We are going to provide healthy snacks and a few treats, as well as gum, hot chocolate packets, and more for these sailors. We are looking for generous supporters to donate to our cause to help cover the costs of purchasing the gifts and packaging.

We have currently partnered with the S/S Alpena, Grand River Navigation, Interlake Steamship Company, Lower Lakes Towing, Port City Marine Services, and VanEnkevort Tug & Barge to provide gifts for over 550 sailors on 29 ships. We are also working with both the J. W. Westcott Company of Detroit and Soo Marine Supply of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, for delivery of the care packages, both of whom have agreed to deliver them free of charge for our project. We are also offering the sailors a chance to win a “bonus gift”, with chances to win two VIP ferry tickets to Mackinac Island aboard Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry or an autographed Know Your Ships 2020 book.

Thank you for your help!

Official News Release

2021 Sponsorships

In an effort to continue to produce the Shipwatcher News newsletters as free publications, I have instituted a sponsorship program to help support upgrades to the business. The money raised will go towards covering costs for the website, materials, advertising, and technology upgrades. Last year, Shipwatcher News was able to raise over $800, and would like to exceed the funds raised before. Should they desire, donors will be recognized in the Shipwatcher News newsletters as well as on the website. New this year, Captain rank business sponsors will also get an optional ad space on the Shipwatcher News website. Please fill out this form if you feel moved to participate in the sponsorship program.

Thank you for your support,

Brendan Falkowski

#52 Freighters July-August 2020

The News is in!

#52 Freighters July-August 2020

Port City Marine’s latest vessel makes her debut – ATB Caroline McKee

$123 Million appropriated for new Soo Lock construction

Ship allisions and collisions

Putting on the finishing touches: William Richard nears completion

In the Design: Inside the cargo hold

Featured Vessel: Ojibway

#51 Freighters May-June 2020

The News is in!

#51 Freighters May-June 2020

Keel laid and name revealed for Interlake’s new ship Mark W. Barker

Tug Mississippi arrives for service at Great Lakes Maritime Academy

Rand Logistics completes acquisition of American Steamship Company

Cleveland-Cliffs resumes operations

In the Design: A look behind the concept of Articulated Tug-Barges

Featured Vessel: Tim S. Dool

#50 Freighters March-April 2020

The News is in!

#50 Freighters March-April 2020

Algoma Conveyor runs aground in Green Bay

2020 Shipping season gets underway

Tanker ATB Albert/Margaret runs aground in Lake St. Clair

New salt brine mining operation coming to Bay City

Coronavirus shocks Great Lakes shipping industry

M/V St. Clair fire report reviewed

In the Design: A look behind the concept of self-unloading technology

Featured Vessel: Lee A. Tregurtha – from WWII Tanker to Great Lakes Freighter

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